About Us

We have always had an appreciation for fine jewelry. We believe exquisite, fine jewelry can be made affordable for the average customer without sacrificing quality. While researching the industry, and broadening our knowledge of jewelry design, we became increasingly interested in the design and creation of all types of fine jewelry. As a result, we founded Illustrious Design Jewelry Company (IDJ) to provide personally customizable jewelry thru an EXCLUSIVE CONCIERGE client experience with a level of affordability that traditional jewelry stores simply cannot match. We have joined forces with a respected jeweler and manufacturer, who has over twenty years of experience in the craft and subscribes to the same philosophy while providing the highest level of craftsmanship. Our prices are well below traditional retail jewelry outlets because we supply our own wholesale loose diamonds, gems, and precious metals. Our business primarily is an online or mail order sales operation using online and social media advertising.  IDJ prides itself in providing custom made unique lifetime designs to commemorate your “most unforgettable moments”.